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3 Reasons NOT to Put Your Keys Between Your Fingers for Self-Defense
It's important to think critically about where we put our energy when it comes to keeping ourselves safe.
Created by Ali Treviño-Murphy
3 Reasons Not to Put Your Keys Between Your Fingers for Self-Defense [image: woman holding out fist with keys laced between fingers like a claw]
Women get a lot of bad advice when it comes to self-defense. I don’t know where the idea originated that putting keys between your fingers (as pictured here) is a reliable strategy— but it has become quite popular because, like many popular pieces of self-defense advice, it is easy to implement... or is it??? Read on to learn 3 reasons I advise women NOT to do this, and what you should do instead.

1) You are almost guaranteed to hurt yourself! Using a fist as an untrained person, even without the keys, will likely lead to injury to the fingers and knuckles. If you strike with keys in this configuration, the keys will cut into your hand. You are more likely to sustain injury than inflict it using this strategy.

2) While it is easy to carry your keys this way, it is not actually easy to use them effectively in a struggle. It requires precise technique and the right opportunity, and even then I’m skeptical about the advantages of key runs over fingers and nails.

3) This strategy limits your options compared with an open hand. An open hand can be used to strike, grab, claw, gouge and more! 

Weapons, whether improvised or designed for that purpose, are only as effective as your training to use them. They simply cannot replace the awareness, confidence and skill acquisition that come from empowerment self-defense training.

What other common "safety tips" have you heard of? Please share your comments and questions below.

Ali Treviño-Murphy

Ali Treviño-Murphy has over 15 years of experience helping women to tap into their personal power to both prevent violence and live their best life. If you want to learn more about how to have the freedom to go anywhere without fear,request a free strategy session today.
Ali Trevino-Murphy Director and Co-founder SAFE Women's Self-defense
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