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Does Carrying A Cell Phone Keep You Safe?
Created by Ali Treviño-Murphy
Talking on your cell phone can make you feel less alone when walking at night-- but does it make you safer?

People who intend to attack or rob look for "targets" who are distracted. Talking or texting on your phone shows that you are not fully aware of your surroundings.

There are many apps out there that claim to keep people (especially women) safer through sharing your location with loved ones or by making it easy to make an emergency call to police. While these interventions might help others to know what happened, or provide help after the fact, they do not provide immediate real-time protection from an attack.

Of course, in the event of other kinds of danger such as accidents, having a phone to make an emergency call can definitely help!

In the end, if you want or need to use your phone-- that's your choice. (I do it all the time!) Just remember that, as with many things in life, it includes a small element of risk if walking alone at night. 

What does work to keep women safe walking alone at night? We have 15 years of experience training women in how to have the freedom to go anywhere, even alone or at night, without fear. Click the link to schedule a free strategy session today. 

Ali Treviño-Murphy

Ali Treviño-Murphy has over 15 years of experience helping women to tap into their personal power to both prevent violence and live their best life. If you want to learn more about how to have the freedom to go anywhere without fear, request a free strategy session today.
Ali Trevino-Murphy Director and Co-founder SAFE Women's Self-defense
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